25 September 2013
Texas Water Damage Restoration
To Whom It May Concern:

We would like to thank you for the prompt and professional treatment we received from your company in dealing with the flooding in our home. It was nice to see a company that took pride in how we were treated and how our home was fixed up. You truly did help us out, when our home and lives were a wreck. Having somewhere to store our valuables while there were contractors coming in and out was a great bonus and a wonderful security measure you took on our behalf. We thank you once again, and are impressed that there really are companies who stand behind their work.

Gary and Janet Holt
Fort Worth, TX

10 April 2010
Texas Water Damage Restoration

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to take a moment to personally thank your company for the sympathetic and professional way they helped us with our tragedy. While no one likes to think about suicide, or the mess it can leave behind, your people came into our home and restored order out of the chaos. We will never forget our daughter or the tragic way her life ended, but we are grateful that we were not alone in dealing with how to clean up the aftermath. The care and empathy your company showed was a refreshing welcome in contrast to the police, who while only doing their jobs, were not nearly as compassionate in their dealings with us. Our gratitude to you is immeasurable and our appreciation for the work you did will never be forgotten.

Respectfully Yours,
Richard and Cathy Bohne
Plano, TX

20 February 2011
Texas Water Damage Restoration
Dear Sirs,

Thank you for coming to my aid so quickly during my sewage backup. I appreciate the prompt response and professional attitude I received from your people. Your Technicians were to my door in record time, and took care of things that I wouldn’t have even thought of. I felt as though they were genuinely concerned for my home, belongings, and my sanity. The odor was removed and things were dried up quickly. My concerns were addressed, and I could tell that the people who came out were professionals in their fields. Thank you once again for your haste in dealing with this problem. You have know idea how much you helped me out.

Melody Reese
Irving, TX

16 December 2012
Texas Water Damage Restoration
Dear Sir,

I would like to express appreciation for the care we received from your company during our unfortunate kitchen fire. My wife and I are grateful for the way our personal disaster was handled by your employees and contractors. They were quick and thorough, almost to the point that we didn’t feel as though we were inconvenienced at all. I am impressed as well at how well our home was put back together. The smoky smell that I expected to linger for months was expelled by your equipment wonderfully. No one ever hopes for or expects disasters to happen to them, but if we should face such circumstances again, we will not hesitate to call you or refer you to others who could use your services. Thank you once again.

Eric and Bronwyn Jensen
McKinney, TX

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