Trauma Cleanup

Crime Scene
Texas Water Damage Restoration professionals can clean and restore your property after a crime scene investigation. We can clean up anything from fingerprint powder and chemicals used to gather evidence, to tear gas and pepper spray residues.

We are committed to helping people when tragedy strikes. Our objective is to restore your property safely back to an pre trauma environment in the most professional and discrete manner possible. This relieves family members or employees of the emotional and traumatic task of cleaning up after a suicide, homicide, decomposition, accidental death, etc.

Unfortunately, a large problem facing many business owners is vandalism. While not always reported to the police, vandalism is a growing national problem. Vandalism is the deliberate defacement, mutilation or destruction of private or public property. It is not a harmless prank. Don’t let vandalism cause you more damage than necessary. Vandals can ruin the appearance of your home or building. Many victims of vandalism rush to repair the surface immediately after it is discovered. It is important, however, to call in a restoration company such as ourselves to handle all the difficult details.

We offer complete and sympathetic clean up of crime scenes contaminated by blood or other body fluids. We specialize in the clean up of crime, suicide and death scenes or incidents where there is blood borne contamination or body fluids. Most people don’t realize that police and paramedics don’t clean the scene of a bloody crime. That responsibility is left to the families of the victim or to the landlord who is unfortunate enough to have someone killed on their property. We will clean up what others won’t or can’t cope with.

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