Basement Water Damage

Water can make people cry even when it is not available or when it pours in excess and causes disasters like floods, storms etc. The damages caused by the excess water are enormous. Water not only effects outside but also inside the house like basement water damage caused due to leak or flood. Now-a-days many policies are made for house owners against the damages caused to their houses in which water damage is also included.

Water damage becomes difficult when it reaches basement of your house. This basement water damage should be taken care immediately to stop further damages in your house. The first thing we should do is to find out the reason of water reaching out till the basement and then immediately stop the incoming of water. It may be just requiring a valve-closing or a plumber immediately. Call for the restoration help immediately and take quick and effective actions to do the needful. If you have insurance or so, contact them immediately and find out the loss coverage part and find out what is the deductible. Until the technicians arrive, try to keep the indoor temperature at or below 70º F (21º C).

If you have an air conditioner, then turn them on fast and even the fans. Open the windows if the weather is not humid outside. Try to mop up the excess water as fast as possible. All the wet fabrics should be hung out.

Cleaning the basement water damage is not an easy task. It involves risk and you need to take care while doing so. Be careful of slipping and falling. While you are standing on wet floor, do not switch off or on any electrical appliance .In such conditions do not use household vacuum for drying purpose or for removal of water.

As a matter of protection content, remove all the valuable things, lightweight furniture and breakables from the affected areas. Remove all the wet books and magazines as their ink may run and spoil the floor. To save the furniture from staining, place foils or plastics between furniture legs and wet carpets. Save your floors from water circles by hanging drapers. Hang up all you wet cushions, pillows etc. Wipe all the water on the wooden furniture and open drawers only if they are opening easily. Thus basement water damage should be taken care immediately to prevent further damage in your house.

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