Contractor Employee Inquiry


We are always looking for contractors to help us keep on time by picking up the extra work we have.
At Texas Water Damage Restoration we are always looking for licensed, insured and bondable contractors that are timely, responsive and have a desire to expand their business. We are a Home services company that primarily works with Homeowners, Association Management and business that need services of Water Damage Restoration, Fire and Smoke Restoration. mold removal, Sewage Cleanup, Biohazard Cleanup. Please Fill out the form with your info and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You are required to have a vehicle, preferably a hot water extraction machine or at the very least a portable machine. You must be insurance and have all the proper credentials to perform work duties with Texas Water Damage Restoration.


If you are seeking employment to work as a employee on a crew please email us your resume to
You will receive acknowledgement of your application. If you want to know more about any aspect of the position, please fill in the contact form below for the Recruitment Administrator. Your query may be referred on to the employment manager.

What happens next?

The employment manager will review applications and collectively create a shortlist applicants based on the key criteria. If you are unsuccessful in making the shortlist, you will be advised by letter or email, however this can sometimes be at the end of the whole process. If you are shortlisted you will be contacted to arrange an interview and, if appropriate, other tests and assessments.