Fire and Smoke Damage

Fire causes considerable damage in the place where it occurs. The fire and smoke damage caused to the place needs to be taken immediate and proper action. Except the things that are completely ruined by fire and smoke damage, other things like carpets, draperies, upholstered furniture; clothing can be refurbished after a fire. 

Fire and smoke damage is generally of two types. One can be visible soot and the other one may be invisible odor. One set of removing soot and odor cannot be prepared as cause of each fire may be of different type. A homeowner who is inexperienced should not take the risk of cleaning fire and smoke damage.

 Sometimes a small fire and smoke damage can be very costly. So, it is advisable to contact your insurance agent for the suggestion and advice. They only will suggest you properly for preventing any further damage, which items can be reused for presentation and they only will suggest the cost of fire and smoke damage repair.

While cleaning the fire and smoke damage, there are certain points, which should be taken care. Until you know the proper procedure, do not try to start cleaning the damage as it may cause additional damage also. Do not clean the carpets or draperies or other household items as its cleaning action may smear the soot into the fabric. Try to prevent the mold and mildew to grow by drying out all the wet carpets, clothing etc. To prevent rust stains in furniture legs, place aluminum foils between furniture legs and the wet carpeting. For cleaning the fire and smoke damage, contact a professional fire restorer. Before contracting with them, inquire about their experience and if possible try to meet the persons whom they have provided their services. Sometimes hiring the professional restorer can be costly whereas the repair of fire and smoke damage can be done through appropriate equipment and chemicals.

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