A dam or a levee failure or sudden release of water held by an ice jam or excessive rainfall generally causes flooding. It can destroy buildings and bridges, tear out trees and can even roll boulders. It can reach heights of 30 feet or even more.

Generally four types of flooding are there. They are river flooding, coastal flooding, urban flooding and flash flooding. River flooding is a natural and inevitable thing. Coastal flooding is caused due to winds generated from tropical storms or by intense offshore low pressure. Urban flooding is caused when land loses its ability to absorb rainfall when being made as a road or parking lot. There are various factors involved in flash flooding. Major factors are heavy and long duration rainfall.

One should be aware of the causes, after effects and previous precautions to be taken care in flooding. It is a good idea to know signals of flood warning or community alert signals. If you live in a frequently flooded area, always have a stock of building materials. Always have an alternative route to move. Your house should be well equipped with flash lights, extra batteries, first aid kit, emergency food and water, essential medicines and cash and credit cards.

Always be prepared with a plan among the family members so that even you get separated then also you all can get back together. Keep an ‘out-of-state’ relative who can serve you as a family contact. Make sure that all the family members have his address, name and phone number of that person. Everyone in family should know how to turn off gas, electricity and water. You should be aware of all the required precautions to be taken care for flooding because homeowner’s policy also does not cover flooding damage.

Little precautions and a lot of awareness about flooding can help you combat a situation in emergency. You can cope in a better manner and even turn out to be a help to those in distress in a situation of flood.

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