Graffiti is a type of deliberate inscription by marking made by humans on surfaces. It can be a form of art, drawing or words. When it is done without an owner’s consent it is considered as vandalism. It has been in practice since the days of ancient civilizations. The word ‘graffiti’ is plural of the Italian word ‘grafitto’ meaning the work of art made by scratching a design on the face.
Historically, the term ‘graffiti’ refers to the inscriptions or the figure drawings found on the ancient Roman sculptures. There are different aspects and styles of graffiti. They vary from country to country. It is generally made found on the walls, freeways, buildings, trains or any accessible surface which actually is not owned by the graffito. The common methods of using the graffiti art is spray paint and permanent broad markers. In order to reduce the offence of vandalism now-a-days many cities have started designating walls or specific areas exclusively for graffiti artists. This step is to give encouragement to the graffiti artists and discourage the crime of vandalism. In this way even the artists also won’t be under the trouble of getting caught as vandals or trespassers.
There is a big difference between graffiti and art that is of permission. Cleaning graffiti is a very hard work as well as expensive. Some of the people consider graffiti as method of reclaiming empty spaces whereas some consider it to be crime or vandalism. These people do not consider it to be form of art.

Every state has the laws against graffiti and whether it is looked or overlooked, it is always illegal. That is the reason why many graffiti artists who practice keep themselves away from the gang graffiti because they aim at self creation and creativity created with the help of markers, colorful spray paints. They strive to improve their art whereas the gang artists work to mark territorial boundaries. Now even the abatement programs for graffiti have started and the cities which are really serious about its removal are using their graffiti ordinances as well.

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