Mold and Black Mold


Mold is a furry or a downy growth formed due to dampness or decay whereas black mold is a slimy, greenish-black substance causing serious health risk. Thus together mold and black mold are hazardous for your health. They contain number of microorganisms like fungi, algae, rust, bacteria and many more. A home containing mold and black mold is generally not termed as a healthy house but is considered to be a sick home. They together contribute to spread many hazardous diseases like asthma, bronchitis and lungs disorder.

Mold and black mold need moisture to grow. They do not need light energy and can easily transport through people, animals, and shoes. They can even enter through open windows and doors. The infected areas may be relatively very small. They generally grow in areas of water soaked tiles, ceiling tiles, cardboard, panel board and even in the items of cotton. As a matter of fact, black mold is of less common species than any other mold. It can grow on drywall and insulation. When black mold is wet it is shiny in appearance, whereas mold gives a furry look. These organisms can permanently damage an object by producing irregular stains. They produce stains on the materials that support them and henceforth decrease their durability.

Proper clean up of mold and black mold is essential. First you need to verify the root cause of it and then the extent to which it has grown. If caught early, then mold can be cleaned up with bleach and water but if has reached to a higher extent then the cleaning experts can be called and cleaning can be done. The reasons due to which they take place in your house should be kept a regular check like cleanliness, regular clean up of your house etc. Cracked windows, leaking pipes, gutters and downspouts, roof leaking, cracked walls should be immediately repaired.

Always try to keep your house dust and dirt free as these are the major factors which invite the problem of mold and black mold. Now days many other ways have come to prevent the houses from this problem like adding mold inhibitor to the new paint before painting, using mold cleaning products to clean the house etc. By having regular check and cleaning of your house you can save your house from being ‘sick’.

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