Mold and Mildew


A furry or a downy growth formed due to fungi especially due to dampness and decay is called as mold. The fungus may have an enormous number of micro organisms that are parasites feeding on living organisms or any dead organic matter. Mold and mildew are usually used synonymously with each other. Both these terms, mold and mildew, are general terms used to describe number of micro organisms like fungi, algae, rusts, bacteria and yeasts.

These micro organisms thriving in mold and mildew can permanently damage an object by producing irregular stains. These micro organisms damage those materials which support them as they produce stains on the textiles and decrease its durability. Indication of thriving mold and mildew is first predicted by its typical musty odor. Its pigmentation on the surface is clearly visible. Scattered spots on clothes generally leather are also seen, which are result of these growth only. These simple celled organisms do not need light energy for growth. They spread via air currents only. Mold and mildew can be detected by the use of UV light. Under this light the growth appears luminescent. One should deny the spores in moisture which give birth to their germination.

Problem of mold and mildew take place due to higher humidity. Cracked windows, leaking pipes, gutters and downspouts, roof leaking, cracked walls should be immediately repaired. For this reason you should keep your house dust free and dirt free. Even in the standard policies for homeowners the damage from mold caused by leakage, excessive humidity are not included. Before this mild and mildew become a hazard for you, start having a regular cleaning and avoid them to have space in your home. Mold and mildew can be removed by bleaching with water.

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