Remove Mold Odor

Mold is an organism that can grow anywhere where it gets dampness or humid environment. Mold produces propagated spores which pass through easily through the environment. They can bind to moist surfaces and can grow with ease. The first indication of their presence is indicated by its characteristic musty mold odor.

Mold pigmentation on the surface is clearly visible. One can locate the stains by a careful visual examination. Several effective ways to clean up the messy mold and remove mold odor are available in the market. The companies are using chemical solutions, vacuum filter and many such things but still they can remove a large amount of bacteria and germs caused by the mold growth.

The house with mold is considered to be a ‘sick’ house. It is not healthy to live in such a house. The mold odor infects the pure air in the house and makes it impossible for the person to live in it. To get rid of this problem, first always keep a check on the places where mold can grow. It can grow in the areas where slight leakage, seepage or dampness is there. Try to avoid house with such infectious things and follow the following precautions for a safe air in your house.

Too much moisture is the major cause of mold odor. Always ventilate your house properly. Cross ventilation in the house will help to remove mold odor. Remove all the mildew carpet padding and deep clean your carpets. Keep your furniture out in sun to remove mold odor. Mop the floor with bleach and water solution. Keep a check in the basement of the house as the trapped moisture in the basement increases humidity. Seal the cracks in the walls and floor with hydraulic cement. Check the drainage around the house. To remove the excess moisture, use a dehumidifier. Use fans to help in ventilation. Place one in the center of the area to circulate air and one at an open window to serve as an exhaust. Always open windows when cleaning with bleach as it produces fumes which are harmful.

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