Repairing Fire Damage

Fire causes considerable damage to any home and its contents. Repairing fire damage process should be taken up immediately and with utmost care because if they are not proper then they may cause more damage. Repairing fire damage is not an easy task. Many things like carpets, draperies, upholstered furniture etc, can be refurbished but the items, which are severely scorched by water, cannot be mended.

Fire generally creates damages of visible soot and invisible odor. Removing both of them can be a tedious task and surely needs professional help. Since repairing fire damage is extremely costly and can cause severe other more damages, it is a good idea to hire an agency with good references. Before hiring an agency, first thing is to inform insurance agent and take their suggestions and advice to assess the damages. They provide you helpful hints to prevent further damage, to determine which items can be refurbished and estimate the cost of deodorizing and cleaning your house. They suggest you the appropriate equipments and chemicals required to remove fire smoke odor and soot.

Repairing fire damage includes removing smoke odor from household textiles, from home, from clothing and preventing further damage. For removing smoke odor from household textiles Ozone treatment is done which provides an oxidizing agent that creates a sweet smelling air. Removing the smoke odor from home is done through thermal fogging, which opens the pores of the walls and neutralizes the smoke odor. Dry cleaning is the most common option available to remove the smoke odor from clothing exposed to fire damage. Many clothing are subjected to careful wet cleaning process. To remove smoke odor from carpet, draperies, upholstered furniture appropriate chemicals and right equipments should be used. The house is cleaned once again after repairing the fire damage. Thus repairing fire damage is a lengthy procedure involving care of each and every item of the house.

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