Sick Houses


Houses containing different types of molds are considered to be as sick houses as they cannot have a healthy atmosphere to live in it because mold and mildew can create respiratory problems as well as allergies. They cause problems like sniffing nose and stinging eyes. Mold can be found anywhere making a healthy atmospheric home as a sick house. Such houses significantly lead to health symptoms. Adults living in the sick houses have many health problems and children living in it get wheezing, cough, cold, fever, headaches and need to go under medication.

Sickness in houses is mostly created by mold. Some common molds are Hormodendrum which grows on plants, leather, rubber, paper and wool. Aspergillus fumigatus is found in soil, in damp hay, on grain, on sausages and on fruits. They cause respiratory diseases. Phoma grows on magazines, books and other paper products. Penicillium notatum grows on fruits, bread and cheese. Even more common allergies are caused by molds and pollens. All these molds tend to make healthy houses in to sick houses.

To save your house from becoming as one of the sick houses, you should follow some preventive measures. The first thing is to keep your house dust and dirt free. Keep the humidity level of your house between 35- 50%. Keep spraying mold killing spray time to time and use an air conditioner in summer. Keep ventilating your house as tightly packed houses encourage mold development. Make sure that there is no leakage in any area of house like tub, toilet tank, ceiling etc. Never carpet your bathroom. Avoid foam rubber which can be moldy soon. Use good quality air cleaner to remove mold spores from the air. While cutting leaves or raking leaves, always wear a face mask.

In the homeowner’s policy, damages from mold like rust, rot and mildew are specifically excluded. Sudden and accidental damages are repaid by them but not all the damages. So try to keep your home clean and healthy by keeping it dirt free and dust free and even from getting it defamed as one of the ‘sick houses’.

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